How to get VoIP VMs on your iPod


AddtoitunesIt’s news like this that make me regret not adding a Mac to my stable of PCs some time ago. If you’ve got a Mac and use Vonage, Gizmo Project or V4S (like me) for your VoIP messaging, you too can carry your VMs on your iPod for later playback. Don’t expect to use that ol’ iPod to reply; this is just a neat trick to take those VMs with you on the run. Besides, we all need to give Boy George and Culture Club a little rest on the digital jukebox, right?

Head on over to MacMerc for the AppleScript that makes this all happen; it’s relatively straight-forward, but an effective way to sync those messages to your iPod. I typically have my Skype calls routed to my cell phone, but if I feel like "leaving the answering machine on", I turn off the Skype forwarding and instead instruct V4S to send me a .wma of my VM via e-mail. If you’re not familiar with V4S, it’s actually a free add-on to the even freer Orb media streaming service.

(via Gizmodo)


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