Field Commander for the PSP and the firmware upgrade

Last night I picked up Field Commander for the PSP and it rocks!  I love good strategy games and this one so far is a keeper.  This isn’t news-worthy in and of itself but what happened when I first ran the game makes it worth a mention.  I put the game UMD in the PSP and turned it on, started the game and got a screen telling me that the firmware version I was running was 2.1 (I forgot to upgrade it) and the game required version 2.6 to run.  I was then asked if I wanted to upgrade to 2.6 and I said yes.  Sony had put the upgrade on the UMD with the game, included a version check, and put the upgrade installer all together.  In five painless minutes my PSP was upgraded to version 2.6 and the game started.  This is the way upgrades should work, fast and painless.  Now version 2.6 is not the very latest version but it’s close and it was handled almost automatically for me.  Kudos to Sony for getting this right. 

Field Commander screen



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