It’s a Windows World


We Mac fans just love pointing out the flop that is Oragami, or the feature removal list from Vista. One thing remains, no matter how much we know OS X is better it’s still a Windows world, deal with it.



Chris – we still have a couple of Windows machines knocking around the house (one ours, one from work) but the main machine my wife and I use, since we’ve got one, is the Apple.

Reasons for : There’s the usual list – ease of setup, security, stability, etc, but I think the issues have been slightly exaggerated. I never had a problem with my Windows desktop, and I didn’t run any commercial anti-virus software. It was stable because it was a good brand, rather than cobbled together from cheapest components.
Setup – the Mac did ‘just work’ out of the box, and was much easier, but for most people it’s something they do once.

Why I switched :
1) Unix. As someone with a degree in Computing I’m pretty comfortable with a Unix based machine. I know what I’m doing under the hood in a way I never did with Windows. If you don’t know Unix this is probably irrelevant.
2) Applications – while Windows has a LOT of applications, there are simply a lot of great apps on OS X that are not available on Windows. There were simply more programs I was interested in running that were Mac only than Windows. Use Google to check out some of the following : iLife, Keynote and Pages (don’t think of it as Office, think of how easy it makes producing great looking documents), Final Cut Express, Delicious Library, Coverflow, Comic Life, OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle.
iMovie and iDVD has let us produce really professional looking discs at work to pass to our customers (and to quote our marketing person ‘This would have cost us 1000s to get an agency to do’).

Observations : After 12 months of use, I have started to unlearn some Windows ways and there are a lot of subtle differences that are good – drag and drop works a lot better – I can just drag an image off a web page into another application and it is far far more likely to work. Speakable items – I can highlight this page and say ‘Make this a sticky note’ – on Windows speech recognition is mostly part of Office, not XP. The way that the Font and Colour boxes are consistent across so many apps.

Reasons against : Games. I know that with Bootcamp you can always run Windows (and therefore Windows games) anyway, but Apple’s ‘low end’ machines (the Mini and the Macbook) lack separate graphics cards. One of our Windows machines is a gaming laptop. It’s 3 years old now, but can still out-punch most Macs for gaming. The only gaming options are the MacBook Pro – which is a great machine but a massive step up from the MacBook just to get a graphics card.
(This doesn’t just affect games but anything heavily reliant on the 3D card – there are even some desktop effects that can use it).
If they came out with a Mac Mini that included a proper 64Mb graphics card, I would get one. Even if it was 3″ bigger all round.


Why should I switch from PC to Apple?

Everyone is talking about who is staying who is scared, etc…

I have been using PC computers since I was a kid and have 4 in the house. It is time to get a new laptop and my girls are getting old enough to want IPODS… So I am thinking of switching over to Apple but am not sure…

Someone convince me



It does get a bit like asking ‘Why is McDonalds the most popular restaurant’ or ‘Why is Walmart the most successful supermarket’ despite the fact they’re obviously not the best. Why do most people buy bad clothes?

It’s not just fear of change . . . it’s the fact the majority of people opt for a combination of cheap and popular. Apple don’t do that – even at their cheapest (the Mini) they are still way above the cheapest PC you can get. It doesn’t matter that it’s a better machine with a better bundle of software.

And the article is right. It doesn’t really matter if Vista is 1 year late, 2 years late or 5 years late – most people don’t care about their OS, they want apps.

The biggest competition for Vista is installed copies of XP. (Just like the recent ads for MS Office – that show users of old versions of MS Office as dinosaurs. They don’t have any rival products to target anymore).

Although the article does show something else : That being a Windows supporter is like backing a very successful but unpopular sports team. No one likes you, you know it, and the only thing you can do is rub their noses in your success. Unpleasant.


Most everyone keeps missing the point. Most people don’t want change, they are scared of it. 30 years ago (more or less), people started to use computers when they joined the work force and unfortunately, mostly its using Windows, the younger generations started using computers for games, and guess what? they are in windows. Even if Windows is so clunky and full of holes, they are more affordable, and that’s what most of us have been used to. It does not mean it is better or worse. A lot of windows users don’t have the guts to move on. That is changing though, at work or around social circles people are noticing, thanks to the ipod and lower cost and compatibility. If only it is 100 percent compatible with all peripherals,(new and old) that 10 % market share will be sooner than later.


I have one of each.

I use my Dell laptop for all my business stuff, because it’s what most other people use, so it’s easier to interface w/ them. Plus, Microsoft products tend to be more backward compatible than apps for Macs. And I use my Mac for all the cool things, like graphics and music. They’re both sitting on my desk, and they seem to get along just fine.

Todd Baur


I posted this not saying that I agree with this guy, but it’s an interesting that such an article would even be conceived.

When I see things like this, I flip them around. So the question isn’t how I can shock the Mac world with this – it is this…

Why has the industry’s customers accepted mediocrity? If your car was as broken as most computers were we would demand more from Microsoft, Apple, or whoever. It’s that this Windows user points out point blank that despite all of Apple’s push lately a year from now people will still use Windows. There isn’t anything wrong with that, and I would suspect Apple knows that it will take more than two years to get to 10% market share.


What is the point of this blog? Should I feel shame now? Should I switch back? Were the other 4254 Feedburner readers just as puzzled as I was?

Don Parr

We agree – and – if it weren’t for “Mac” and / or “Linux” (aka ~ Unix) – there we’d be… Thank Heaven for Steve Jobs, Linus Torvald and Bell Labs :)!


Always listen for what people DON’T say. Note how he never argues one way or another whether Windows sucks or not. He’s basically conceding that point: “Windows may or may not suck, but it sure is popular!” Umm.. yeah.


Even that site you link to looks so terrifyingly ugly (as does all MSN or MySpace or whatever rubbish). The problem is that 90% of people just don’t see that or don’t care.

Yes, it’s a Microsoft world, but it’s their loss, though.


Origami… but yea, your article is true in all it’s hilarious and unfortunate-ness :)

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