Freeware of the moment: World Cup Scoreboard


Futball_1Since the MLB feels that place-shifting sports content is a no-no, we don’t want to risk the wrath of FIFA next. Enter "Football Scoreboard" from Microsoft. This free application keeps you up to date on your favorite *gulp* soccer team in the form of a scoreboard widget-type of app. You can set transparency levels and even add an RSS feed for display in the app. The United States is mixing it up with the Czech Republic now, so hurry up and get your download! Oh crap: my scoreboard just updated and the U.S. is down one goal to nil. :(

(via Mobility Site)




Ugh! Stick a fork in it. How disappointing: 3-0 Czech Rep.

There’s still Italy and Ghana, but this sure is a lousy way to start.

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