Don’t forget the MobileTechRoundup geek meet in NYC

Dave, Kevin and I (MobileTechRoundup) will be in NYC next week to meet up with anyone who wants to drop by the Bar Nine in Manhattan.  The meetup will be Monday, June 19th at 8pm at the Bar Nine and we are looking forward to meeting up with everybody so come on down.  No promises but you might get a first-hand look at some cool mobile gear:

  • Samsung Q1 UMPC
  • Mototola Q
  • Sony UX50
  • Sony U71
  • Verizon XV6700
  • Palm Treo 700w
  • And who knows what else.

The Bar Nine is in Hell’s Kitchen and is located at 807 Ninth Avenue so we’ll see you there!  If you think you might attend leave a comment so we can make sure we have room for everyone.  Come on out, there will be a giveaway.  Here’re a couple of maps to the Bar Nine (click to enlarge):



Thanks to Tim Marman for helping pick a good location!



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