Asus R2H UMPC is hot!


Asus_r2hAsus was showing the upcoming R2H UMPC at Computex and from photos posted of the device this is one hot UMPC.  The specs are similar to the Samsung Q1 but Asus has added the 1.3 megapixel camera and integrated GPS making this not only one of the best looking UMPCs to date but the most functional too.  Asus is also going to offer a folding USB keyboard similar to the keyboard that shipped with the original Sony U devices.  Very nice and I could go for one of these babies.

(via Akihabara News)




Any idea when the Asus R2H will be released in the US (if at all, that is)? And what’s the expected price?

Speed Racer

Are the companies completely insane? How can they offer
UMPC with out wide area networking??? I mean really, whats the point?
If I am in range of an 802.11 network, I’m not going to use a UMPC.
I going to use my desk top or note book. the umpc is for when I am out of
the office or home. Crazy, nutty people.

Tim Marman

Also, I want to add that you CATCHPA is TOO good – half the time it takes me two tries to get it right :)


I plan to get this one as soon as it gets here in the UK. I like the look of that keyboard as well.

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