Windows Vista beta 2 downloads could create dangerous bandwidth

The first public beta for Windows Vista is generating such a huge number of downloads that it potentially could affect the bandwidth for the rest of the Net.  It is a big download and coupled with the sheer number of people trying to download it Microsoft has a concern that the Net could be affected.  For this reason, Microsoft is asking those interested in trying the Vista beta to order the DVD instead of downloading the software.  Those who order the DVD will likely receive it by the time they could actually get into the download site and download the file anyway.  The Vista public beta may very well have generated the most download requests for any one file in the history of the Net.  This beta is also a limited beta so if you wait in the queue to download it (which could take a week) you might not get in if the number of beta users is reached.  If you have already gone to the beta site and obtained a key but still can’t get the download due to bandwidth then revisit the site and change the option to request a DVD.  Wow!



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