When nanotechnology meets battery technology


ScienCentralNEWS reports on a most interesting project currently in progress at MIT that might be a boon for batteries for mobile devices.  The project is combining the simple capacitor with millions of nanotubes with the expectation of producing an energy storage system that can withstand a large number of charge/ discharge cycles and increase the life of the “battery”.  The nano-enhanced capacitors could be produced in any size and could be developed for virtually any mobile device and can be totally recharged in seconds. 

“It could be recharged many, many times perhaps hundreds of thousands of times, and … it could be recharged very quickly, just in a matter of seconds rather than a matter of hours,” he says.

The project director at MIT, Joel Schindall, thinks this new energy system could even work in hybrid cars, and hopes to see commercial products on the market in less than five years.

(via Mike Cane)


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