Straight From The Dvorak’s Mouth


Well, I’ve said it here before, and now John C Dvorak is confirming it on video.

He writes to get us (by ‘us’, I of course mean Mac folk) ticked off, and to flood his email box. He writes this stuff with the intent of getting feedback – granted flaming feedback – from the Apple fanboy community so that he can pick and choose his points to write about next.

I said before that I figured he was smart, but really, he’s an evil genius. He’s got us practically writing his stories for him, and then propgating them to everyone when we flip out over it. I’ve gotta give it to him. Wonder what happens to his writing career when we stop listening and emailing and he’s gotta formulate ideas all on his own…


Brian Donohue

Consider him the BillO of tech. He’s not a journalist, he’s a showman, PT Barnum style. Pretty much admits it in that video segment. And guess what, as long as people buy him, then he’ll keep it up. Same goes for Coulter et al in the political arena.


Hmmmm, maybe it is me but when I watched that video, the video/audio sync was so bad I thought it was a poor foreign film. That video couldn’t possibly be doctored could it?????

Michael Ono

Uhh he was right about Intel. I think what really pisses off people is that in many cases he’s half right. Sure boot camp wasn’t Windows shipping on Mac but it was very close.

I still don’t understand why people hate him. Even if he is a troll, it’s better that it’s him. Trust me, he could be a lot meaner.


“Do his opinions really matter that much?”

No. Infact I don’t remember him ever being right…


Sounds like he’s pulling a Bill Gates to me in regards to his “carrier” as a writer a genius maybe? Or just to dumb enough to come up with anything of his own and like Bill steels his ideas from the apple community.

Just my two cents.

Sam L

He develops his ideas by himself, he just needs inspiration. A lot, granted. Any writer’s career would be over if “we stop listening and emailing,” that’s natural. The fact that you’re writing about him exemplifies this so-called “evil genius.”

Do his opinions really matter that much?

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