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Scoble Leaving Microsoft?

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Robert Scoble, one of the more well known bloggers and Microsoft’s public face in the blogosphere is reportedly leaving the company and joining, a podcast start-up, according to Silicon Valley Watcher. When contacted, Podtech founder John Furrier offered a “no comment.” Scoble did not return phone calls. SVW seems to be fairly confident about the news. Scoble through his blog has helped transform Microsoft into a kinder, gentler giant. We will wait to hear from Scoble.

17 Responses to “Scoble Leaving Microsoft?”

  1. But, don’t think for a second the Andreessen’s or the Scoble’s aren’t having fun or aren’t happy. I’d want to be closer to the things that matter in life (like my son or my brother). And, if I could do something that I love doing at the same time I’d trade all that buzz and be grateful for my fifteen minutes.

    Buzz does not necessarily equal “happy” or “successful”.

    And, there are lots of good things going on that don’t get talked about much. Mr. Malik knows this far better than we do… he’s in a space where talking about good stuff no one else has glommed onto yet translates to circulation.

    Let’s work on OUR fifteen minutes and hope we shine as bright as those before us (singing cumbya now) :)

  2. Rebort

    Remember Marc Andreessen? Remember Loud Cloud? Does anyone talk about Opsware these days?

    Yah. Like that. Scoble just punched the clock on his fifteen minutes.