Basecamp meets the Tablet PC


You can’t wheel around the web without running over Web 2.0 everywhere.  While it is unclear whether it will be roadkill or the next productivity super-highway if you have been following it much you have no doubt heard of Basecamp.  Basecamp is a project collaboration tool that brings people together to focus on communication and sharing to make sure the project gets done properly.  Basecamp is pretty cool in and of itself but it would be truly awesome if it handled ink input for Tablet PC users.  Have no fear, send in your trusty Scout.  A couple of Basecamp (and Tablet PC) enthusiasts, Brian Eng and Jeff Cohen are putting the finishing touches on Scout, a program that adds ink support for Basecamp.  There is a four minute screencast of Scout in action and I guarantee if you watch it you will want it for your Tablet PC.  It looks so awesome that it may be enough to get you to use Basecamp if you don’t already.  Keep an eye on the Scout site for release information.  I love user written mashups.

Scout 2

(via Nitin Badjatia)


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