Qualcomm_logoOK, I made the acronym up but I think Qualcomm would approve based on their VoIP testing via EV-DO Rev. A. It’s becoming readily apparent that even the cellular companies get that "voice" can be just "data" on their networks. Why is this important? Currently when using a data connection, say an EV-DO Internet connection, you typically can’t use the traditional voice connection simultaneously. So, if you can get voice and data on the data connection, you theoretically have a more efficient connection overall if you’re a cellular company since you don’t need to separate voice from data on your network.

Qualcomm is starting to prove the theory by testing 62 simultaneous voice calls on a single channel over an EV-DO Revision A network. The net result: they demonstrated that this model allows for 30 times more capacity on the network than analog voice communication. Wow, and I thought EV-DO revision A would just let me surf faster. Hey, why not have your people EV-DO my people and we’ll do lunch?

(via Phone Scoop)


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