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More On’s Channel Strategy continues to roll out new channels as a way of attracting advertisers to a more controlled version of the usual social networking free-for-all. It’s not as new a strategy as it appears in some of the coverage of this week’s keynote by Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive Media, at Adweek’s Digital Marketing Conference. We’ve written about some of the channels/content hubs already launched on, including the April debut for MySpace Comedy.
But the number of channels is growing, even if the organization is not quite there yet. In addition to Comedy, current channels include Movies, Filmmakers, Music, Blogs and, most recently, Books. In all, about a dozen focused areas — including Chat, Hororscopes and Classifieds — are considered channels, according to MySpace. At some point, they may want to distinguish between departments and channels. Then again, probably depends on ad sales efforts.