Microsoft Haiku still in the news


Bill Gates demonstrated a mock-up of the Haiku ultra-portable Tablet PC early last year and stated that Microsoft hoped to see a Haiku type device in the marketplace by 2007.  The hardware just wasn’t ready then to make the small, thin Tablet PC and it isn’t ready now if you look at the UMPCs hitting the market today.  This week we have seen a flurry of news reports including Microsoft working on tiny Haiku PC and Microsoft One Ups Origami; Announces Smaller Haiku “Mini-Tablet” among others.  Why is this such a news-worthy surprise?  Did the media expect Microsoft to drop the goal of seeing the Haiku evolve into the marketplace just because the first generation UMPCs are beginning to ship?  It was stated clearly in the original demonstration last year that the Haiku would require the hardware to advance to a point that a device like the tiny Haiku would be possible and this is clearly happening with the UMPC release. The hardware is not there yet but it will get there, the question really is when.  It must have been a slow news week. 


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