ionKids Child Locator System


Ionkids_1 Remember what I said about the Samsung wrist strap during the Q1 unboxing video? It reminded me of those "leashes" I’ve seen parents put their kids on for safety. I’m all for the safety; hey, even though I can act like a kid, I have kids of my own. Thankfully, The Gadgeteer has a better mobile solution with their review of the ionKids Child Locator System.

Instead of a physical tether to the kids, this device has a wireless tether in the form of a small wrist-strap your children wear. You get to hold on to the small base unit that tracks your kiddies for up to 350-feet; once they get out of range, the base unit sounds an alarm, as does the wrist tag on your child. Sounds like it’s less of a child locator solution and more of a child tracking option, but that’s not a bad thing. Plus is sure beats those tethers at a reasonable $49.95! ;)


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