IBM readies Hannover- new Office suite to compete with Microsoft Office


Lotus note users are a devoted bunch and remind me a lot of Mac enthusiasts.  It’s a testament to a product when your core user base is fanatical about it and while Lotus Notes is no longer a household name the devoted are still there and quite vocal on occasion.  They will be thrilled to see that IBM is getting the next version of Lotus Notes, code named Hannover, ready for release.  Hannover will include Lotus Notes, a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation package.  The entire suite supports the Open Document Format (ODF) standard and the applications will create, edit and import documents into the standard format.  You can view screenshots of the applications on the Hannover web page.  Here’s the screen of the word processor– note how they moved the ribbon to the right side of the window:

IBM Word processor


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