Cheaper chips from Intel coming soon


Intel_pentium Wasn’t it just a few days ago we heard that Samsung was thinking of an AMD-powered UMPC to cut costs? I strongly suspect that plans might revert back based on Intel’s plans to cut chip prices up to 60% in an effort to regain market share from AMD. Bloomberg is reporting that the chipmaker will reduce dual core processors by 15% in price and older Pentium chips by as much as 60% starting next month. Couple this with the fact that Intel is aiming for chips that are more efficient power consumers and you’ve got a recipe for disaster if you’re in the AMD camp from a business perspective. Regardless of your chip preference between Intel, AMD or even Via in a mobile device, this bodes well for all mobile consumers.




AMD has been kicking Intel’s butt on the desktop for a while now. Looks like the mobile market is about the only place where Intel is still on top.

Whatever they decide, it’s all good for us in the end. Competition is how we (the end users) end up winning. :)

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