Vista Beta 2 in public beta

Vista_1While you’re signing up for the Windows Live Mobile, you might want to stop in the "Windows" aisle of Beta Central too. Vista Beta 2 is available in public beta, so if you’ve got the bandwidth and the drive space, it’s all yours for the testing. The 32-bit installation weighs in at 3.5 GB, so this might be a good one to fire up before you hit the sack.

While we’re on the subject of Vista, it appears that Microsoft has cut out the PC-to-PC synchronization functionality for the moment; the apparent reason for the cut is "quality issues." I’ve worked on software development teams before and unless something was in REALLY bad shape, we kept it in the beta for feedback. Sure you don’t want to compromise quality on the final product, but beta feedback can take a good feature and make it oh-so-better in my experience.


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