Video calling on the Sony UX50

One of the most innovative features of the Sony UX50 is the dual cameras that can be used to shoot photos and video clips, and can also be used as a web cam.  One of the cameras is on the top middle of the front of the screen and the other is behind the screen, so you can use the UX50 as a regular camera and watch what you are shooting on the screen.  Kevin and I just had to test the UX and earlier today we hooked up over Skype to make a video call.  The video performance was excellent and Kevin reports that the audio was better than my normal setup with a noise cancelling microphone.  Just to give you an idea how good the video quality is here are a couple of screen snaps that Kevin took to show what he saw on his end (bear in mind it was early today and I hadn’t showered yet   ):



The lighting in my office was not very good either.  Overall, I am happy with the video quality and have also snapped some nice photos with the UX.



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