NewsGator for Windows Mobile beta


Newsgator_mobile_1We’ve been waiting a few months for this and boy, this looks like it was worth the wait! About three months back, NewsGator bought SmartRead and to eventually add this mobile RSS reader into the fold. Josh Bancroft already downloaded it and has a few screenshots posted on Flickr.

I can’t look at this right now (we’re recording MobileTechRoundup and I can’t multitask TOO much), but hey, maybe you’ve got time and could check it out. The download is only a shade over 400Kb, so why not give the install a try and tell us what you think!




How can that be? I don’t see our UX50 unboxing video on that screen shot? :)

Josh Bancroft

Thanks for the link, Kevin. I didn’t know that this was the result of NewsGator buying SmartRead. Good info.

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