Help test Windows Live Mobile


It you have a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone then Microsoft is looking for you to help test Windows Live Mobile.

Have you recently purchased a Windows Mobile Smartphone, only to be disappointed that it includes an outdated version of Pocket MSN? What…only me? Well, anyway if this is the case, your Windows Live Mobile fix is on the way.

Earlier today Microsoft sent out beta invitations for the next generation of Windows Live for mobile devices. In order to participate, you must have a Smartphone with Windows Mobile 5.0 and have a data package for your phone. Go to the Available Connections page on Microsoft Connect and look for "Mobile 10.7 Beta," fill out the survey and you are on your way.

If you have a WM5 Smartphone, I would highly reccomend signing up for this beta test. This is definitely going to be a cool one, and the software is looking really good. As soon as we can, we will get some screenshots and put them up here!

Signup for Windows Live Mobile 10.7

Sounds like fun so don’t dally.



nigel k paul

please send me msmobileon my fone. its so exciting. cant wait to try it out

joshua tysoe

please tell me how to get msn mobile on my mobile????please tell me

joshua tysoe

please send msn mobile to my phone cause i have waited 1 week for it and iot still hasnt came yet

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