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David Lynch Goes Mobile In US

David LynchThere’s always room for cult content in any medium, and it’s pretty hard to get more cult than David Lynch. The iconic film maker is making some mobile content available on his internet TV channel, The content includes downloadable “strangetones”, voicetones and wallpapers based on past works. “The first release of content includes tone selections from Dumbland, his first animation series, sound effects from Eraserhead, a sample of original music by David, and even some of his favorite sayings. Wallpapers include graphics from the Dumbland series, the Eraserhead poster, and select images from his website”.
The content will be updated every two months and will expand later this year to include video wallpapers and video ringtones. Wallpapers will cost $1.99 and ringtones $3.99, which will get charged to the phone bill (AT&T, Cingular, Boost Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, and T-mobile with Verizon coming soon). It’s a bit more expensive than other ringtone offerings, but then it’s exclusive content targeted to a very specific audience…those who still have trouble looking at whole cooked chickens and are pretty impressed by that.