CTV’s Big Broadband Launch; Four New Channels


In Canada, CTV is rolling out four new broadband TV channels, designed to feature full-length episodes of primetime shows, news, Discovery documentaries and entertainment content….this is the biggest such launch in the country. The ad-supported network is to feature a free, premium broadband video player that will deliver full-length CTV programming…this is only for Canadian residents, so geo-restricted.
The four channels: CTV Shows, featuring full-length original CTV primetime programming; CTV News & Docs, featuring local, national, international and business news, all updated hourly; etalk on Broadband, a channel devoted to the Canadian and international entertainment industry; and the Discovery Channel on CTV, delivering entertaining science, nature and travel programming.
The CTV Shows channel will have full shows form Canadian Idol, among others. CTV also plans to offer a first-look at key programmes on the broadband service before they make their broadcast premieres.
CTV also launched two new mobile video news services for Bell Mobility users.
LFP: The average 22-minute show will be interspersed with five to six minutes of video ads, and viewers won’t be able to fast forward. New shows will debut online at midnight on the day they debut on television. The exception is Instant Star, whose teen audience is already inclined toward the Internet. It will premiere online 24 hours before it airs on TV.

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