Calling all productivity gurus- enter our new contest and win a full copy of MindManager 6!

Mobile tech and productivity go hand in hand since I firmly believe that the right technology can provide untold boosts to personal productivity.  The best way for someone to improve their habits and boost their personal productivity is to follow tips and suggestions from others who have implemented certain practices with positive results.  So here’s the deal for our jkOnTheRun Productivity Boosting contest.  Add a comment to this thread detailing what you feel is your best tip or practice that has made a big difference in how productive you are on a daily basis.  As an example, here’s my own tip (no, I’m not eligible to win):

One of the worst time wasters that I see most people fall victim to is the “chasing the email” syndrome.  You know the type (maybe you are one) that has their email client (Outlook for instance) that polls for new email on a ridiculously short cycle.  The default I believe is 5 minutes but I know some people have their program check for new mail every minute!  So every minute or two Outlook grabs the new email, plays that oh too familiar ding sound, and the person stops whatever they are doing and looks to see what it is and who it’s from.  This is what I call chasing your email.  If you get a lot of email each day there is nothing more distracting than to do this.  Here’s my tip– I turn off automatic polling for email in Outlook.  That way, I only grab the email when I have time to deal with it and more importantly, it is not distracting me every few minutes.  Just turning off that distinctive “you have new mail” sound is not good enough if you leave Outlook up on the display, because you’ll keep glancing at it as you go through withdrawal of hearing that ding sound all day.  I guarantee you that your work will flow much more cleanly as you will devote your attention and energy to whatever task you are working on because you won’t get distracted in the middle.

That’s the kind of tip we are looking for as entries to the contest, and no, you can’t just submit this one ,reworded or no.    I believe that after we run this contest for a week we should generate so many good tips that everyone will benefit and that’s the purpose of the contest.  At the end of a week (June 15th in the US) Kevin and I will pick the best entries we feel are most useful and the six best will win a prize worth several hundred dollars.

Mindjet_MindManager_6_win   MindManager_6_Mac_box

In celebration of releasing a Mac version of the outstanding program MindManager 6, the good folks at Mindjet are putting up 6 full licenses to MindManager Pro.  There will be 3 winners of a Windows version of the program and 3 winners of the Mac version so tell all your Mac friends too.  These licenses are worth a bunch of money so the prizes are worth making a good entry to the contest.  Get cracking on those entries and spread the word through other web sites and let’s get a lot of tips to share!  Be sure and tell us if you use a Windows or a Mac in your entry so we know what you are playing for.


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