Cablevision Countersues Studios, Networks; Delays Network DVR Launch

Cablevision said this afternoon that it will delay a trial planned for later this month and will postpone the launch of its network DVR at least until fall while the legal issues are being resolved. Cablevision is being sued by several studios and networks over the company’s plans for remote-storage DVR; they argue it’s really VOD and requires additional rights agreements. Cablevision countersued Wednesday, claiming that the plan is covered by “fair use” as defined in the 1984 Sony-Betamax decision. The two sides agreed to an expedited calendar in hopes of resolving the matter quickly. According to Multichannel News, discovery is supposed to completed by the end of July, briefs are to be filed in August and September with the hearing in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in late October.
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