Yahoo! Go Mobile Launches with Nokia

Yahoo Go LogoAn interesting move from Yahoo Australia…It has teamed up with Nokia to launch the Yahoo! Go Mobile application preloaded on some Nokia handsets, and as a download from if the customer has missed out.
“Yahoo! Go Mobile integrates the company’s popular communications services with the phone’s built-in e-mail, messaging, address book and calendar applications, giving consumers one reliable source for their most vital information. For example, if a user loses their mobile phone, their contact information is still available on the web and is easily synched to a new mobile phone.”
There’s also a Yahoo Photos function, which allows people to upload photos directly from the camera to their Yahoo photo account. They can even “take and send pictures in an active conversation via camera phone integration”.
Users can also download games and wallpapers through the Yahoo interface, although I’m not sure if they get charged for this. Yahoo says it doesn’t charge customers — they just pay the operator data rates — but it doesn’t mention games or wallpapers.
Not that Yahoo is a small company, but this could give it a boost since consumers can sign up for an account from the phone, and Nokia’s are the most popular handset in Australia.

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