The Handset-Operator War

I find this strange…Australian incumbent Telstra has signed up US company Brightstar to “source and warehouse its mobiles”, effectively adding another middleman in the hope of making some savings. As a result it doesn’t have any Nokia 3G phones on a subsidy contract plan, which may be hurting its effort to attract customers to its 3G operations. “Nokia’s 6280, recommended retail price $699, is the hottest phone in the mobile market right now. It’s overtaken the more expensive Motorola VX3 – the 3G Razr phone.” Apparently Nokia has almost half of the market in Australia…
“Telstra also appears to be flying in the face of industry trends with the Brightstar appointment…Other carriers say they are working more closely than ever with handset vendors on customisation and making sure the growing range of mobile content works.”
The article (well, commentary piece) implies the big issue is that Telstra wants its BigPond brand to be the premier mobile content brand in Australia, and Nokia has content deals of its own.

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