Quick impressions of using the Sony UX50


I am slammed with work but wanted to post some quick and dirty first impressions of using the Sony UX50 “in the field”.  Here they are in no particular order:

Fingerprint reader:  I absolutely love it!  It makes entering passwords a breeze.

Keyboard:  The key spacing is good enough that even my big thumbs don’t hit the wrong key.  The keyboard is in Japanese although that is a minor change from an English one.  The backlight on the keys is wonderful and I already feel that all thumb keyboards should be backlit.

Cameras:  It is very innovative to have two different cameras so that you can use whichever is convenient.  The software that runs it is intuitive and makes capturing stills and videos very easy.  The Capture button on the upper right of the device triggers the software when pressed and snaps the photo when pressed a second time.  Cool.

Joystick:  The little nubbin joystick is very easy to use and the two mouse buttons make operating the UX50 simple to do with just two thumbs.

Screen:  Yes, everything is very small but I find it so resolute and bright that I rarely use the zoom buttons, which work flawlessly.

That’s it for now, I will be posting more soon.




jk, how about an update on the UX50? You said you would be posting more soon…but that was June 7th? It’s now August 9th… How about that full review video ?? :)


Does anyone know how to configure windows so that it recognizes the UX50 keyboard correctly? I intalled english XP on mine and now it doesnt recognize the keyboard. There must be a file/setting somewhere but I cannot find it. When I press certain keys (e.g. @ key) the wrong symbol is produced. Thanks


sorry, me again…didn’t think I made up the $7000 price tag for the Sony microPC, so I checked the expansys website again…it was in the front page!

http://www.expansys.com.au – ‘Sony UX18 – $6969.95’

I’ve made a screen grab, just in case they remove it again, but OMG – its not even the UX50!


yeah, you’re right, I don’t actually know where I got $7OOO from since expansys hasn’t put up a price yet. I must just be delerious with jealousy – and anyway the expansys in Aus only has the UX18.Guess I’ll be sticking to the poor man’s UMPC (ie. pda) for a bit longer.
p.s. this might be a silly question, but have you tried doing any uploading from your minidv and/or video editing on it? would it make a suitable desktop replacement with a 17′ lcd and a usb keyboard + mouse? I would be in geek heaven if it could replace my desktop, laptop and pda (maybe even justify the purchase)
pps: you gonna keep it?


The expansys price is obviously in error, even for a Sony. I don’t have any information at all about the availability of the DualCor anywhere.


Just checked at expansys.com.au – at just under $7000 AUD, I think I’ll have to pass :( I was so psyched on getting one after your unboxing too, so its a real shame…here’s hoping that in a couple of years it’ll actually be affordable.

ps: any news on the Dualcor coming to Australia by any chance?


Quasi, that’s a good one! Maybe Sony should offer a holder for the UX that clips onto your eyeglasses. :)


Fernando, it does have the sync software but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s probably in Japanese. :)


Mike, I just hold the UX two inches in front of my face. :)

Ahhh… That would be the IUMPC (Immersive or IMAX take your pick) computing experience :)


Hi JK:

I’d be interested in learning if your UX has the “Ultra Sync” software installed, which appears to facilitate synchronization with a main PC, as described in the Sony Style web site (for the UX180). If so, have you used it? Does it work well?


Michael Venini

I know when I used the Sony U50, my eyes hurt at 800 by 600(480)? The 5 inch screen is small.

Does look like a really nice device though.

Mike Cane

I don’t understand how you can hardly use Zoom. On that damned 770, I use Zoom *all* the time. So you also have better eyes than me, you fiend?!


ritepen comes bundled on the UX50 and I will be trying it out soon. The keyboard is handy to have but I really miss the Tablet Edition utilities which I consider a must for small PCs like this.

Rob Bushway

jk, this device, like the upcoming Averatec UMPC, looks like a much more flexible solution than the onscreen keyboard that the current UMPCs come with.

My personal opinion is that we start to see more UMPCs come out with keyboards.

Guess, we’ll need to wait until Vista comes out for full tablet pc support, though.

Richard L

Your comments on the screen resolution tells me that the other UMPCs should have gone to a higher resolutions too. I still think that 200+ pixels per inch (235 for the UX) is a good thing. The 7 inch screen should have been at least the same as the UX but more at 1280×768 (or even at 1366×768).

Dennis Rice

I hope you get finger cramps, see Japanese characters in your sleep, and severe eye strain.

Jealous? ME? Nawwwwwwwwwwwww! :-(

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