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Qualcomm On New Features (video)

CNet has a video of some of the keynote given by Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs at the SID Conference in San Francisco yesterday. (The software they use doesn’t let you buffer, so you need a good streaming rate to avoid unwanted pauses). There’s some talk about mobile TV early on, with Jacobs saying that to achieve 30 frame-per-second quality you need around 300-400 kbps streaming. In relation to mobile TV he also said “if you sold these things at flat rate people would watch a lot of it”, which is an (unsurprising) plug for broadcast mobile TV technologies. He talks about getting alerts for events and the importance of consumers being able to make and receive phone calls without having problems with content…then he spends some time talking about displays. Newer displays can be seen in the sunlight and use less power, so they can be “always-on”. This allows a permanent display of information that can be sent over the network, such as weather or traffic (or surf) reports, ticker-streams of news and so on. Jacobs described this as “zero-click access to the information I’m most interested in”.