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PDF Magazine Downloads in iTunes

Music, audio and video podcasts, silent text podcasts, and more recently, Apple has started to offer magazine PDF downloads as well….at least this will be more useful than the electronic editions from the magazines/newspapers.
Couple of niche magazines have started offering PDF versions of their magazine in iTunes: MAKE magazine, by O’Reilly, started offering a PDF version last month, for free. Wikinews also started offering a PDF edition last month. And now, another niche magazine, The Fader, a music mag, has put up its summer edition on iTunes, for free.
WWD: Given The Fader’s relatively small circulation of 87,500, it could prove a substantial extension of the title’s reach. “We want to use it as an opportunity to expose The Fader to as many people as possible,” publisher Andy Cohn said. Southern Comfort is sponsoring the download; other Fader advertisers will receive the extra readership from the digital edition as a free bonus.