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OPA: New Study Shows Web Extends Reach For Offline Campaigns

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Not sure how excited anyone should be over a 350-person study of media consumption in Indianapolis and Muncieconducted in spring 2005. Not knocking the midwest by any means — just the relatively narrow scope. But the Online Publishers Association believes the Ball State University study, based on real-time use and recorded activity every 15 seconds, proves that the web is a “mass” medium “ranking right alongside other major media when it comes to reach and duration of use.” Press release. Some findings:
— those predominantly using the web have more money and spend more money than those who are TV-centric.
— The web has significant reach in all dayparts, similar to TV and radio, and leads reach at work.
— The web combined with TV extends reach across the board, even during primetime; 20 perecent of all web use is before, during or after TV viewing. But only 14 percent were online while watching TV.
— Web use also adds substantially to newspaper reach.
The study’s results are the centerpiece of OPA’s upcoming roadshow.