Nokia Targets N-Gage Users Worldwide


Nokia has launched Gameshop, which allows owners of an N-Gage to preview, buy and download games for the handheld device on their PC, then transfer the games to the N-Gage with a compatible memory card reader (and memory card). This could be seen as a way to bypass the carriers so that users associate content with the manufacturer instead, but the N-Gage isn’t really widespread enough to decide that. The N-Gage is becoming less associated as a phone and more as a handheld gaming device. The price of games ranges from 19.99 to 29.99 euros per game, vastly more than the traditional cost of mobile games, even high-end ones.
In essence, this is evidence that Nokia doesn’t plan to give up on the N-Gage anytime soon. It’s not a major investment, but it is another way to provide content for the device — and digital distribution has obvious advantages.
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