jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #20- JK unboxes the Sony UX50



Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #20 here (WMV format, 640×480, 246 MB, 44 minutes)

Jk_icon_100pix_4OK, the video file is huge but I wanted to capture the size and the spirit of the moment.  There is nothing quite like opening a new gadget for the first time and let’s face it, the Sony Vaio UX50 Micro PC is about as special as it gets.  With 1024×600 resolution playing on a screen of 4.5 inches you need the extra video to really show the device.  I had an invisible audience who wanted to remain out of the video but the coolness of the Sony drew him in as the video progressed.  All sorts of activity was going on in the background and the Treo wouldn’t stop ringing but that’s the way it is in Mobile Tech Manor.


This video is an overview of the UX50 device and I promise a full video review showing what this PC can do is forthcoming.  Enjoy the show and let me know what you think.

Special thanks to the folks at Dynamism for supplying this review unit.  Those guys are the best!

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Please note:  This video is in WMV format so it will not show up nor play in iTunes.  You will have to use another podcatcher or download the show direct to view.



Heli Man, you cannot do that as Windows Mobile only runs from a dedicated ROM.


Does anyone know or has anyone put Windows Mobile on a UX 50? I really dont know if it is possible, but figured it would be worth a try. I know it is possible to load linux on one, but didnt know if it was possible with Windows Mobile or CE.


Yes, the stand is only available with the UX190 as pointed out here.

scoobie- the UX50 I have is only an evaluation unit and goes back pretty soon so I will not attempt to put the Tablet OS on it. I really, really, really miss the Tablet extensions which I feel are essential to fully exploit any portable like the UX50 with a touch screen.

Craig Campbell

Scoobie, you are correct. The stand is only available from the japanese sonystyle website and only if you order a customised model (owner-made model as sony jp calls it).

In Japan they have the following models:

ux-50 : this is the standard config model available in both retail stores and sonystyle japan website.
– 1.06GHz core solo
– 30GB HDD

ux-90p/s : this is the owner-made model available only at sonystyle japan website. you start with base config and choose your cpu, hdd etc. you can get the stand only with this model.

they are also working on a model with 16GB flash drive instead of HDD, due in japan in the next month or two.

PS I typed this post on my ux-50!


I believe the stand is only available as an optional extra on one of the Jap models, and can only be ordered at the time of ordering the model.

The ux180p won’t be coming with a stand either I believe. Very strange I know.

The device is thinner than I thought

Loved the french accent section!

Great video

Thanks for the comparison to the u71

Will you be installing the tablet OS??

Craig Campbell

Hi JK,
Glad you got your hands on one! I was lucky enough to be in Japan all of May, and picked one up on launch day! I am very very impressed with the unit! I bought the extended battery too and find it isnt as obtrusive as I thought. If I have time I will write a review, but I’m dying to see what you thought of it. I havent had time to watch your video yet.
I have shown mine around the office and the main comment seems to be “way cool, but the screen/text is just too small.” The screen size and text is fine for me – I love web browsing on this thing! However one big criticism would be there is no right hand shift key. This necessitates some hand acrobatics when typing certain things. A bit of a pain….
Anyway, I love your blog, and also the MTR and OntheRun with TabletPC podcasts!! Thanks for all your hard work bringing us all the latest news!


Robert, thanks! Yes, Gabriel received his Guitar Hero game for the PS2 complete with the guitar controller. He informed me this morning he has mastered “Smoke on the Water”. Who says video games aren’t educational?

Robert Burdock

Good video JK, the interruptions only add to your homely, ‘on the spur’ unboxing of the UX. Personally, without trying to sound too negative, I’m not too taken by this Vaio unit and if I were to consider a UMPC out of the current choices (although I wouldn’t as I never subscribe to paying over-inflated prices just to be one of the first to own a new gadget) it would probably be the Samsung Q1. That said I do like the hidden keyboard on the UX an inclusion which I felt was very much absent from the Q1 after watching Kevin’s videocast (I wasn’t taken by Samsung’s ‘DialKeys’ solution).

Anyway my personal taste is neither here nor there and what is important in this comment post is that you receive the praise you so well deserve for taking the time, effort and interruptions to deliver a first class unboxing. I look forward to follow-up and who knows you may be able to change my opinion :o) Great Job!!

P.S. I hope Gabriel eventually got the package he was waiting for :o)

prof hawk

Good unboxing video, very informative on the dimension comparison with the Sony U. For the full review, please run the following benchmarks, so that us readers can better gauge the performance comparisons, rather than a subjective “This app loads in x seconds”.

Winbench 99
SiSoft Sandra
Super PI


Nah the Q1 is cool too! They look to be both the same size. Alas, I love the slide out keyboard. I wonder if OQO is going to make thier machine a UMPC with the fanning keyboard as well as the slide out….HMM!

Matt Smith

This video makes me regret ordering my Q1 last night!

Tablet PC User


Once again, you and KCT have keep the “first-looks” videos at a high bar! One thing that I realize about the Sony UX, it seems to appeal to the average consumer more so than the vertical business markets that the previous units have targeted. I’m very surprised at what you’ll get for your money. I can almost justify seeing someone spending the $1,799.00 for Sony VGN-UX180P!

Excellent video. I’m looking forward to the other videos!

P.S. Just a thought, as gork said, it may be a good idea to put it on you-tube for better distribution. Other people will also come to your site to find out more about mobile technology!


why dont u torrent this thing & take the load off ur servers?

Ansin Ozturkmen

I will watch the video but please make a “text” review. Video reviews can’t fill the need for “real” reviews.


Still watching the unwrapping! :D My only question….are you going to buy it?? :D You are SO lucky to be reviewing this unit. While this unit is nice, I have my heart set on a Samsung Q1 or maybe the ASUS unit once it comes out.

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