not just a gig of online storage


Box1I just got an invite to from my buddy Ben over at HDBeat. is conceptually similar to Gdrive, giving you a gig of online storage that you can access via a web browser. There’s a bit more to than meets the eye, however. While the free account gives you a gig, upgrading to a paid account nets you more space plus advanced functions like public sharing of files you specify as well as mobile access through a handheld device. The overall interface looks pretty slick and even has a social aspect as well: you can set up workgroups with other member in your Boxwork, er Network, and even tag files that are related, but in separate folders.

Better yet, I noticed this little bit of eye-candy with a "coming soon" tag. Looks like you’ll be able to sync your desktop files with your account as well.


If anyone is interested in, you can sign up directly on their site. If you want an invite, just shoot me a note; they offer an account upgrade if you refer folks and I wouldn’t mind playing with and then reporting on some of the advanced features. ;)




I’m trying the italian MEMOPAL ( 250GB free space storage for now. You can ask an invitation in the contact page in their site.


im using, one thing i dont like is the 10mb limit upload on the free account. which hassles me into splitting files before uploading it.


it’s quite old info. Box.Desktop will look totally different. And it’s became much more stable.


That was an interesting review. I’ve been using IBackup ( for the last years and it suits my needs. None other than PC World has recently rated it as the `best all-round backup service’ in a review.

Try IBackup for Windows for easier and faster backups of critical data. It has the look and feel of native Windows explorer and it also has some powerful features to schedule backups of data. IBackup for Windows sets no limit on downloads and all communication is encrypted with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It also supports one-way syncing of files or folders from your computer to your IBackup account.

Simply move all the music and video files to the IBackup account and using IDrive Multimedia play them in your favorite media player. IDrive Multimedia is an Internet hard drive designed for multi-media use. Take a look at IDrive that maps your online account as a local drive in your PC.

Any data sharing woes? Use Webmanager to create sharable links and email these links to share data with whomever you want. Web-Manager’s `Search’ feature lets you easily find and locate files or folders, even allowing a wild-card based search.


Thanks for the referral Kevin! Man, you’re fast!

I’ve got another 10 referrals as well – first come, first served!



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