Averatec AHI UMPC looks sexy


We first picked up on the Averatec AHI UMPC back in April and today we found more information to indicate this device is going to actually be released.  This device is definitely the sexiest UMPC to come down the pike and the controls look very thoughtfully laid out for maximum usage.  The AHI features a sliding screen akin to the Sony UX and a QWERTY thumboard that looks almost ergonomically laid out.  The AHI is reported to have the same processor as the Samsung Q1 (1 GHZ Celeron, a 30 or 40 GB hard drive, up to a gig of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4 in 1 card reader, and a 1.3 megapixel camera.  The report says the AHI will debut in Q4 of this year for under $800 but frankly I don’t see that happening.  It’s a gorgeous UMPC, though.

Averatec AHI UMPC

(via engadget)




Hmmm…somehow reminds me of the psp.
But $800? mabye in a few years. Also, is that little thing on the top left corner a trigger? Wow, this control scheme has some serious potential.


Wow, that looks nice. I just hope it’s not plagued by the unreliability associated with Averatec products.


I’m curious JK; do you see this PC missing its price target or is the release date too aggressive… or both? And why do you think that? As I said, I am just curious as to your opinion, please don’t take these questions as too pointed…


I love the gaming controls. It would make an awesome little miniature MAME cabinet–without the joystick and large buttons, of course.

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