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Air Apples?

We reported a couple of weeks ago about the recent Apple/Nike partnership to created a killer pair of shoes…but this isn’t Apple’s first foray into the shoe market.

I present you with…the Air Apple:
Air Apple

Seems back in the 80s/90s, Apple decided to provided their employees with some sweetness kicks. Good stuff.

Tip: Al Cabino

17 Responses to “Air Apples?”

  1. Wow, those are fugly even for the 80s/90s. They look like orthopedic shoes. Apple should stick to what they’re brilliant at; designing form-over-function electronics for their niche market.

  2. Mantiz

    These are amazing, they even have the rainbow colored logo on them.
    I found a site that was actually selling a pair of those, unfortunately they were sold out. [:(
    John Arnor G. Lom, i think an apple employee from the 90’s who’s still wearing them would be my target.