Air Apples?


We reported a couple of weeks ago about the recent Apple/Nike partnership to created a killer pair of shoes…but this isn’t Apple’s first foray into the shoe market.

I present you with…the Air Apple:
Air Apple

Seems back in the 80s/90s, Apple decided to provided their employees with some sweetness kicks. Good stuff.

Tip: Al Cabino



Wow, those are fugly even for the 80s/90s. They look like orthopedic shoes. Apple should stick to what they’re brilliant at; designing form-over-function electronics for their niche market.


i Would kill for a pair of those,…i need them!!!

Any 1 no where i could purchase? hmmm?


There was a pair on for sale last year.


There is no amount of money I wouldn’t pay for those shoes. If anyone knows where I could find them, please let me know.


they off and on would have them here:

generally more expensive than ebay, but they have some crazy old Apple promotional stuff. if you are curious to see what exists then check back often, their stock rotates.


These are amazing, they even have the rainbow colored logo on them.
I found a site that was actually selling a pair of those, unfortunately they were sold out. [:(
John Arnor G. Lom, i think an apple employee from the 90’s who’s still wearing them would be my target.

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