Sony Vaio UX50 in da house!

A few hours ago Santa Claus the FedEx guy came to my door with a package I had been anxiously awaiting.  The good folks at Dynamism have graciously supplied me with a Sony Vaio UX50 to review and even though I was anxious to rip the box open to see this newest UPC I waited patiently and recorded the entire unboxing ceremony to video.  I am taking a break hard at work doing the editing and encoding and hope to have it posted in a few hours.  Until then, I offer this blurry lone photo of the updated ultra-portable desktop that is oh, so sweet:


Keep an eye out for the unboxing video or if you really want to live a little hop over to Dynamism and order your own Sony UX50.  If you do so then use special discount code JKORZ to get $40 off the purchase price (expires June 16th)!  Thanks Dynamism!


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