Sony Vaio UX50 in da house!


A few hours ago Santa Claus the FedEx guy came to my door with a package I had been anxiously awaiting.  The good folks at Dynamism have graciously supplied me with a Sony Vaio UX50 to review and even though I was anxious to rip the box open to see this newest UPC I waited patiently and recorded the entire unboxing ceremony to video.  I am taking a break hard at work doing the editing and encoding and hope to have it posted in a few hours.  Until then, I offer this blurry lone photo of the updated ultra-portable desktop that is oh, so sweet:


Keep an eye out for the unboxing video or if you really want to live a little hop over to Dynamism and order your own Sony UX50.  If you do so then use special discount code JKORZ to get $40 off the purchase price (expires June 16th)!  Thanks Dynamism!



Nice stuff, Reggie. We would sure appreciate any mention of our unboxing video on your site. :)

Chris Hickish

I’m really interested to hear what you have to say as to how it compares the the previous U…I love my U71 and I want to know if its worth the cash to upgrade or not

Mike Cane

Dammit, it’s been HOURS!! Where are all the photos? Bugger video! You’re inciting class warfare among those of us stuck on the Nokia 770!!

Ty A

Really excited to see the video JK!

I’m refreshing about every 10-15min, CAN’T WAIT!


The first video is of the unboxing and a general walk around the ports and connectors on the UX. I am going to do at least one if not two detailed usage videos, showing the real usage of the device.

Matt, stay home and wait for the FedEx guy. He’ll be there real soon now.

Matt Smith

What I want to see are shots of the Q1 and the UX next to each other. If you and Kevin would be so kind as to FedEx those devices to me (you can use my FedEx account if you like), I’d be happy to take them into the studio and shoot them :)


2 new babies in one day! Wow, you’re on a roll.

Please can I request you video using the keyboard thumbpad?

I haven’t seen any “true to life” shots of someone using the keyboard yet. eg Are the reports you can’t reach the middle keys true? Do you actually have to hold it in the middle to reach the middle keys? How many mistakes do you make when typing? How fast can you type? etc.


Dennis Rice

You really stink sometimes JK. Jealous — yeah I’m jealous. Why do they send such great techie toys to an old Grandpa like you? :-)


Nice. From what I hear if you can get over the lack of tactile feedback on the keyboard it’s a pretty sweet little machine. :D

Kevin C. Tofel

Forget the Sony UX, what kind of keyboard is that? ;) Looking forward to the unboxing! This might be the first new Sony UX in the US right now!

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