Samsung Q1 accessories and UMPCs are showing up at Fry’s &


jkOTR reader, Lloyd, wrote in with some information on Q1 accessories and actual unit availability. He says that he stopped in Fry’s last night and walked out with the Samsung Q1 USB Keyboard for $99. Of course, Lloyd set the sales manager straight who thought this was an Apple keyboard. (You tell ’em Lloyd!).


According to Samsung, the USB keyboard has an 11.8-inch cable, mainly because it’s designed to work with the Q1 case that holds both the UMPC and the keyboard. Lloyd liked the dedicated keys that are Q1 specific for checking battery life, disabling the backlight and more. I opted to go a different route and I’ve been testing a different keyboard for the past five days; more on that later, but suffice it to say it cost me the same amount of money as the official Q1 keyboard.

Lastly, Lloyd tells me that, which is the online arm of Fry’s, is listing the Samsung Q1 in stock and available for immediate shipping at the expected price of $1,099.99. I checked Best Buy this morning and they too are now showing that they have units in stock. Thanks for the heads up Lloyd and keep us up to date on your UMPC experiences!




Any way to get WWAN into the Samsung Q1? or is it tethered bluetooth cell phone only?

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