Philips Mobile Display completes merger with TPO


Philips_displayWhen I first read the press release on the merger completion between Philips and TPO, I basically dismissed it. Later I thought to go back and dig a bit; I know Philips makes a decent HDTV display as I covered their booth at CES. I still don’t know who TPO is exactly, but I suspect I’ve seen their product in many mobile devices and never even knew it.

TPO builds a plethora of mobile display units ranging from small OLEDs to standard VGA screens up to 3.7-inches. I’m betting that folks like HP, Dell and others have used or currently use TPO display components, not to mention various cellular phone manufacturers. Just a quick look at the TPO product page shows a wide range of mobile display choices. Your next device might not say Philips on the outside, but it’s a safe bet that you’ll see their product nonetheless.


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