Panasonic T4 convertible Tablet PC that doesn’t convert


T4_1I hope Akihabara News is wrong about this new Tablet PC from Panasonic (although they’re usually right); the T4 is a laptop that runs the Tablet PC Edition OS, but the screen doesn’t rotate into slate mode. Yikes! Is this just a gimmick or a mistake?

The T4 is a sleek looking laptop that runs on an Intel Pentium M 1.2 GHz chip and looks an bunch like the Panasonic T5 that Dynamism imports and sells. Here’s hoping that Akihabara could only get a pic of the T5 and only assumes that that the convertible isn’t actually a convertible. I’m not sure that a touchscreen on a standard laptop would add that much value.




You are the only one.

The screen doesn’t fold back under the keyboard. See Panasonic’s own pictures of this model on their website, and you can see that it is physically impossible.

Interesting, the specs include rotation display software, but based on this current picture — which is previewing the model announced on April 4 and 7, 2007, not sure what value touchscreen or screen rotation is going to be if screen can’t fold back to make a true tablet.


Am I the only one, or does anyone else think that the way to get this to slate mode is by folding the screen back under the keyboard? The detail on the original site sure looks that way to me!

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