OneNote 2003 PowerToy contest winners announced


Those of you running OneNote 2003 should check out all the winners in the Microsoft OneNote PowerToy contest.  There are some really useful utilities for OneNote users:

  1. IIONA by Dmitri Alekseyenko
    This tool allows you to copy from any application directly into OneNote.
  2. Word2OneNote by Brad Covelle
    This PowerToy will install a button in Word 2003 that allows you to send information directly into OneNote.
  3. Daily Journal by Andy Gray
    Andy already went ahead and posted this online you can find it here: OneNote Daily Journal PowerToy.
  4. OneSnap by Andrew Wheeler
    This PowerToy would add a toolbar button in Internet Explorer that allowed you to send information to OneNote. Andrew posted about this here: OneSnap preview.
  5. DropShadow by David Huang
    Finally this app allows you to create some cool thumbnail views of images and send them over to OneNote.

All of the developers won a copy of Visual Studio 2005 and a Tablet PC!  Congratulations to all the winners.

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