Multifunctional Mobiles Make the World Go Round


People are clamouring for converged devices according to a recent survey. The survey is from Nokia, who obviously have an interest in converged devices, so take it with a grain of salt…
According to the survey, 44% of respondents use their mobile phone as their primary camera (68% in India), 72% have used it to replace the alarm clock and 73% use their mobile phone as their main watch or clock. Over a third (36%) browse the web on the mobile phones at least once a month, although Japan was only a little bit higher at 37%.
Of those questioned, 94% plan to have a mobile in the future (100% in Brazil) and 21% would be more upset about losing their mobile than their wallet, credit cards or wedding ring.
“Music-enabled mobiles devices are set to be at the heart of future digital music consumption: 67% predict the mobile phone will replace their MP3 player.”

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