Mobile tech saving UPS millions in lower miles traveled

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Dj_upsMy largest mobile tech device has to be the 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV; I get 18 more miles per gallon over the vehicle it replaced, which is a huge savings with today’s gas prices. Until Hybrid vehicles are more commonplace, you might hear about creative ways to save gas money by using mobile technology. Case in point: UPS saved approximately 1.9 million driving miles just in February alone this year. How’d they do it? They turned right.

You heard me correctly, they turned right instead of left thanks to their routing systems that avoid left turns when possible. Those left turns across traffic can waste a ton of gas while idling so the routing systems adjust for lefts and for traffic. The directions get beamed to those little handheld computers each driver has, so they can adjust routes on the fly. Not bad since we all know that three rights equals a left, but of course, this would never work for Dale Jarrett. DJ drives the #88 UPS Ford in NASCAR where nearly 98% of their turns are lefts.


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