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Microsoft To License Its IP To Skinkers & Vimio; Takes 10 Percent Stake In Former

Microsoft has made its first two European investments as part of its intellectual-property licensing program called Microsoft IP Ventures that begun last May.
— The first one, in London-based Skinkers, a branded RSS/desktop applications firm. Skinkers will acquire a collaborative agent technology developed by Microsoft Research Cambridge as part of the agreement. Over the next year, Skinkers will co-develop software with Microsoft that that Skinkers will take to market. Microsoft plans to incorporate part of the final technology into its product line. Microsoft will get an equity position (10 percent owner) in the company and an observer seat on the board.
Vimio, the mobile streaming and compression company based in Dublin, has licensed some streaming optimization technology from the program. It will collaborate with the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge, UK, for better video quality on a mobile phone.
Some more info about these deals here. Here’s a list of the technologies available to license from MSFT’s IP portfolio. An NYT story about MSFT’s strategy in IP licensing here.
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