Grady Leland






Thanks everyone. I’m told no firmware upgrades are forthcoming any time soon.

Dimitrios Scott

Congratulations, It feel so good to have Kids,
And for you it should feel even better with
Grand kids.Keep doing what you do.

Michael Venini

I stress this again, and I think Kevin would agree.


I think you need to rename this site to JK on the Walk. Since you now a grampa, you need to slow it down!!!

Congrats again!!!

Kevin C. Tofel

This is great, but one question: why did you leave out the rest of the specs? What CPU does Grady run on, memory, etc…. Just kidding! Congrats again on the wonderful news and please share the well wishes with Grady’s entire family. [Sheri: I took a secret jkOTR poll and we all agree you’re too young to be a Grandma] :)

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