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FCC Chairman: Premature To Make Net Neutral Rules

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Sounds like those hoping the FCC will place net neutrality stipulations on Time Warmer and Comcast as part of the Adelphia acquisition are out of luck based on comments by chairman Kevin Martin at Globalcomm 2006 in Chicago Monday. Martin said it is too soon for the agency to set rules on net neutrality and reminded questioners that the FCC already has a set of principles defining its take. He also said they have yet to widespread abuse that would justify rules.
From MKTW: “Consumers need to be able to access all the content that’s available over the Internet without being impeded by the access provider. But at the same time, we recognized that the people that are deploying these networks may offer differentiated speeds and differentiated products to the consumer. … And if you offer different tiers of speeds, a consumer chooses the lowest tier, and he wants to access content that would require higher speeds than he has purchased, he’s not being blocked from access. He just hasn’t purchased the speed that’s necessary.”