Ultra-portables- not just for executives anymore


I have been writing about using ultra-portable computers in the field for several years and I am always thrilled when mainstream media publishes something about the subject.  The New York Times has a nice article, PC’s That Are a Lot Smaller Than a Breadbox, that follows a Google employee on the road with his OQO and portable keyboard that lets him get all his work done from literally anywhere.  The article gives a brief overview of some PDAs and ultra-portable computers that can be deployed as laptop replacements with the right peripherals.  The article is a good read for road warriors, even wannabees.

The interest in the micro Windows PC is growing. Microsoft is pushing a standard called the Ultra-Mobile PC, running a stylus-enabled version of Windows in a larger package that weighs a bit more than two pounds. The first model, the Samsung Q1 ($1,100), has a 40-gigabyte hard drive and a seven-inch display.

I know there is an interest in such portable laptop replacements, this photo of my "smallest desktop" has been viewed over a million times:





Hehe, that’s awesome! I’m a bit of a wannabe – I’ve got a similar set up with my pda and an IRDA keyboard which I bring out every-so-often at work – I’m just waiting for a computer the size of the OQO to come down in price before I upgrade to something a bit more powerful than my iPAQ:)



Hi, you probably know this, It was few years ago, that the true age of innovation was upon us. The UMPC was alive and kicking, albeit a different name.
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The VAIO PCG-GT1 was a true feat of engineering and style. The UMPC design of today is often mistaken for a game pad, or a video player, My Wife thought My new Samsung Q1 was a psp style toy, and with the exception of oqo, vaio ux50, Compaq TC100, innovatiion and design seem to be sitting out of the curent batch of umpcs.

I am lucky enough to own a few UPC’s: such as the OQO, Samsung Q1, Vaio U71 and Vaio Pcg-U3. My U3 is the oldest and is still the most useful. With the U3’s extended battery attached, it has a form factor similar to that of my u71, yet it is a laptop which will keep powered for around 10 hours. The U3 handles software like photoshop better than any of my other UPC’s. The Screen is around 6″ with a resolution of 1024×768, which is much better than any umpc that is currently on the market.

My Point is that the real ultra mobile PC’s where in existence many years before all the hype that surrounds the new batch that is being offered to us right now.

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gn netcom 9350

I wonder how long the batteries will last per charge on one of these?

Usually the heaviest part of an laptop is the battery.

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