Ultra-portables- not just for executives anymore

I have been writing about using ultra-portable computers in the field for several years and I am always thrilled when mainstream media publishes something about the subject.  The New York Times has a nice article, PC’s That Are a Lot Smaller Than a Breadbox, that follows a Google employee on the road with his OQO and portable keyboard that lets him get all his work done from literally anywhere.  The article gives a brief overview of some PDAs and ultra-portable computers that can be deployed as laptop replacements with the right peripherals.  The article is a good read for road warriors, even wannabees.

The interest in the micro Windows PC is growing. Microsoft is pushing a standard called the Ultra-Mobile PC, running a stylus-enabled version of Windows in a larger package that weighs a bit more than two pounds. The first model, the Samsung Q1 ($1,100), has a 40-gigabyte hard drive and a seven-inch display.

I know there is an interest in such portable laptop replacements, this photo of my "smallest desktop" has been viewed over a million times:




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