Toshiba’s MK2035GSS 200GB 2.5 HDD

Perpendicular_drive_toshiba Now I didn’t measure the physical hard drive in the Samsung Q1, but it sure looked like a 2.5-inch drive to me. Maybe there’s hope for future UMPCs to up the 40 GB of storage to 200 GB or more based on the perpendicular recording technology that’s been discussed for the past year or so. Toshiba has their own pint-sized drive, the MK2035GSS that packs the two platters with 200 GB of capacity. The 4200 RPM drive measures in at only 9.5 mm thin; I’d be curious to see who the first UMPC OEM tries to fit one into a handheld. Perhaps I should crack Sammy’s case open again? ;)

(via Akihabara News)



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