TC 4400 and Q1 join the “Top 10” list


Tc4400_1Each month, Tablet PC Review Spot posts a list of the top 10 Tablet PCs based on input from the readers. The list doesn’t fluctuate too much, at least not until new models are announced, and this month, there are two newcomers to the list. Both the HP TC4400 and the Samsung Q1 join the top 10. Not only that, but they’re pretty high on the list with the TC4400 in at number 4, while the Q1 is just ahead at number 3.

The newer models are definitely generating some buzz; both of which unseated the tiny Fujitsu P1510, which dropped from number 3 to number 5. For the full list of Tablet PCs, including the first two on the list (which might surprise you), head over to Tablet PC Review Spot.


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