Samsung’s new 400 GB hard disks- fast and cheap


Samsung T133 HDDSamsung has announced the new 400 GB SpinPoint T133 series hard drives for the end consumer and businesses alike.  The only thing mobile about these drives are how fast they will be flying out of Samsung’s factories with a street price of $195.  The drives are ATA S.M.A.R.T. compliant and run at 7200 rpm with a 8.9 ms average seek time when combined with an optional 16 MB cache buffer.  Samsung claims these are the quietest drives in the industry due to their patented NoiseGuard and SilentSeek technologies.  From the press release:

The SpinPoint T133 series, including the parallel ATA HD400LD and the Serial ATA with 3.0GB per second (Gbps) HD400LJ, offers a virtual one-stop-shop for both enterprise and home applications alike. For businesses with demanding data back up applications, the HD400LJ features serial ATA technology with 3.0GB Gbps I/O transaction capabilities, Serial ATA Native Command Queuing, Device Initiated SATA Power Management, Staggered Spin-up Support and an optional ATA Streaming Feature Set.


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